Using Google Adwords to Sell Property

At this time in Australia many people are finding it difficult to sell Real Estate. We have some homes listed on Australia's Premier Real Estate website and we also have them listed with a local agent. In the last 12 months we have not had a single enquiry.

Last week I decided to use my web design skills coupled with Google Ads to promote my own homes. In a few late evenings at home I built and constructed This website is a unique home page with images of our 4 homes for sale combined with a mouseover which shows basic information on the homes. When a user clicks on the home they are taken to a specific listing page for each home with more information.

Each listing is combined with a unique JQuery image Carousel which spins the images around - any image can be clicked and will open up larger via Light Box 2.

After this I create a Google Ads Campaign, selected some appropriate Real Estate Keywords and within the first day had 48 people discover my website and browse my homes. Google Analytics showed that users spent an average of 15 minutes browsing the webiste. Three days later I had my first email enquiry using the contact form - VERY EXCITING.

It's now been a week, I still haven't sold the homes, but I've had more interest and more success that in the previous 12 months of "regular" efforts. I've now had over 100 visits via Google and Facebook Ads and just waiting for the right person.

If you would like a website built for your Real Estate, or to privately sell your homes, let me know. Also if you would like to buy 4 investment homes for a bargain price of less than $800,000, visit 4 Homes 4 Sale.