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The Seven Cultural Mountains

Culture can be broken down into 7 main areas. Over the last 50 years a variety of people have thought about the components of culture and have come up with lists of seven things each independently of each other. These lists had all the same ideas although sometimes the terminology was different.

1. Religion
2. Family
3. Arts & Entertainment
4. Government & Judicial
5. Education
6. Media
7. Business.

Cable Ski World Adventure

Many years ago as a child our family went to Cable Ski World on the Gold Coast. There they had a bunjy jumping tower. There was a very long ladder going up and a very small platform on the top. As a child I remember thinking what a horrible idea it would be to have to jump of that, even with a bunjy cord band attached to my legs. As an adult my views on the matter are still the same. Well, as we watched, one young brave man decided he wanted to have an attempt at jumping. He climbed up the huge big ladder and got to the top and looked down.