Stop Bounces When Piping an Email to a Script

Recently I built a script to send sms messages from an email. This was to help me monitor my servers. However everytime I sent an email I got a bounce. I tried a lot of different things to stop the bounces and finally did. Here are some of the things you should try, and my ultimate solution.

Churches are Full of the Sith - The Return of the Jedi.

To become a Jedi Knight (in the fictional movies Star Wars) a trainee, called a Padawan would go through up to 20 years of training to prove themselves. Being a Jedi was something that required intense dedication to the goal, but also to their Master. They were required to grow in knowledge, skill and character as all of these things contributed to becoming who they need to be as a knight.

Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself

God wants all to love each other like we love him. Think about it if you love God you wont go and push someone in the mud. Would you go and push Jesus in the mud? If I was to answer that I would say no. I personally love God sooo much. I read my Bible every night.God has a lot to say in the Bible you just have to let him speak to you through it. The Bible is a really interesting book when you really think about it. Its like one of those books with a bunch of different fairy tales in them like Cinderella the three little pigs etc.

The Two Francises

In the course of my life I have read both biographies for St Francis of Assissi and St Francis Xavier. I was compelled and moved by both and even named my son Xavier after reading about the latter. Both men deserve to be recognised as saints formally and whilst I believe that all believers are saints, because the scripture says so, that both of these men were certainly great role models and we can learn a lot from their lives.

Panda, Penguin - Will Pigeon be Next? The future of Google Algorithm Updates.

I have a theory - it could just be a crazy theory and time will probably prove me wrong, however here it goes.

Most people who own a website or work with sites, design, servers, hosting or anything SEO related know all about the Panda Update. Panda was a major search algorithm adjustment by Google which resulted in a wide changes in SERPs (Search Engine Result Placements) and upset a LOT of webmasters. Personally, only 1 of my websites was affected by Panda.

How to Create an eBay Template in Dreamweaver

This short tutorial will take you through how to create a ebay template using Dreamweaver. This tutorial describes the procedure that was taken using CS5, although it will be similar for other versions of the dreamweaver software.

1. Create a folder anywhere in your directory where you'll put all your files for this template.

2. Create a template design in Photoshop. It must have a header, a body, and a footer (make sure to designate a space for the For Search and Categories of products). For Feather Touch Hair, I made its width as 990px.