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Church Website Designer - Like many things in life, there are horses for courses.  You wouldn’t take a sprinter and expect him to win a marathon, nor the other way around.  Sometimes it takes a specialist to do a specialised job.  This is definitely the case with church web design and ministry/christian/church websites. 

In web design there are several components that need to be there for a website to be everything it needs to be.  These components are:

  1. Design – It must look good
  2. Function – It must work.
  3. Usbility – It must be easy to Navigate and use.
  4. Search Engine Friendly – It must cooperate with Search Engines
  5. Good Content – It needs unique and well written content.

As a rule, web designers tend to fall into two main categories – Designers and Programmers.  Whilst this is generalising somewhat, designers tend to make sites that look nice.  They are artists and their websites are pretty and customers like them.  Designers tend however to be slim in the function area, with search engine friendliness and usability.

Programmers on the other hand are experts (as a generalisation) with function and getting sites to perform and do what they are supposed to do.  However sometimes their sites might look a little ordinary.  Don’t judge a site by its cover – Google for example is a ordinary looking site that functions very well. 

As a customer you are first and foremost looking to find a website designer who has both the qualities of a designer and a programmer, not always an easy task, but worthwhile to remember. 

However, this is where we take it a step further.  If you are looking for a church web designer, you are wanting a specialist.  What you are looking for here is something a little extra – you are looking for a bit of “heart” and a little “faith” to go along with design and function. 

Sometimes things like motivation, self sacrifice and other internal qualities can’t be measured or defined.  You can’t necessarily see them in a designer, but they make a world of difference to the quality of the end result.  With faith based websites for church projects or church websites however it makes a big difference. 

Firstly, if the church website is designed by a believing web designer, there is understanding of what needs to be achieved.  There will be agreement with the philosophy of the project and the inclincation to go the extra mile and do extra to support the end result.  There will also be a natural understanding of the gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  In addition there is the work of the Holy Spirit inside the believing designer to help with the project and give it a terrific conclusion. 

This being the case, a church web designer has certain internal qualities in the form of beliefs, values, motivations, and God which help to make the project more Christlike, prayerful, and from a faith point of view, more successful. 

If you combine these internal qualities with the necessary design and programming skills mentioned first – you have an excellent church web designer

If you are looking for a designer like this – don’t just look at their portfolio, ask them about their church and thier faith and see a little of their heart.  Allow God to speak to you through them, and you’ll know what to do. 

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