5 Ways to Save Time & Money on your IT Needs

The Internet is supposed to be this great thing that liberates us to communicate, connect and open up all these possibilities for us. That might be true but at the same time it has loaded us down with so many little jobs and tasks and it becomes expensive and nearly impossible to keep on top of it, unless you have a lot of money to hire someone, or a lot of spare time.

So here is David Alley's guide with ways to save time and money on your IT needs.

1. Start Using IFTTT:

If you haven't visited www.ifttt.com then you are missing out on one of the greatest automation tools that there is for working with websites and social media. This website allows you to create 'recipes' where you combine the services that 2 providers offer in unique and powerful ways. They currently have over 40 providers you can utilise. One recipe that I use is that I combine the RSS tool with my Linkedin profile to automatically post messages to my company wall everytime I have a new blog. It means I don't have to go there and add that post manually. I have a bunch of these recipes which add the exact same post to Facebook, My Facebook Page, Twitter and my Linkedin Profile. So I just write my blog, and IFTTT puts it to all those social media places automatically. Usually within about 15 minutes. Not bad!!

2. Outsource:

There are now a number of quality websites where you can post a job, get bids and have a project started within hours. I have used 3 of these websites as both a freelancer and an employer and found them all to be good in their own way. There are others. Here I list in my opinion the 3 best places to oursource temporary work.

  • www.freelancer.com - best for quick bids and getting work started fast. Once a project is posted and freelancers bid, they also recommend a freelancer, and their recommendation has never dissapointed me.
  • www.elance.com - Elance is possibly the biggest oursourcing website of its kind. It is not as user friendly or "fun" to use but does have some great ourtsourcing workers available.
  • www.odesk.com - This is great for cheap fast work that doesn't require as much technical skill. A lot of workers on this site come from Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. Their english skills may vary, but if you need to hire a cheap link builder, or article poster or some similar tasks, this website is brilliant. You may also find a good programmer for quite a cheap price. They typically bill by the hour from as little as $1 per hour.

3. Hire a Webmaster

There are a number of places on the internet where you can now hire a webmaster for very cheap weekly rates. These people are kind of like outsourced workers, but they work with you permanently to do all the tasks that a webmaster usually would. They will monitor security, website logs, website users, add content, update CMS systems and more. If you google hire a webmaster you will find a variety of providers such as Web Technology Quensland where you can hire a webmaster from $18 per week. This a great affordable way to save a lot of time with website administration.

4. Server Management

If your company or business has servers you run online, you would know that it can often be very expensive to have your own server admin. Here you can save big money by hiring a server management company for as little as $30 per month. Companies like Platinum Server Management will manage a Cpanel/WHM system for that price and there are other companies which will manage other types of servers for similar money. You will still need an employee who will update your content and databases, but these managers will make sure everything is as it should and do your troubleshooting for you at no extra expense.

5. Fiverr

Want a logo designed - do it for $5 at www.fiverr.com. Plus you can get just about everything else done there for $5 too. Need your book turned into kindle format. Need posters handed out? Need a promo video done? So much done here for just $5. Check it out!!

So, there you have 5 great ways to save time and money on your IT needs. There are more than this, so if you have a suggestion, leave a comment. Hope this was a help to you.

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