SEO Work for Coopers Store

In Sydney is a wonderful family business – Coopers Store.  They specialise in timber furniture that is hand made, especially timber dining tables and timber coffee tables. 

This is the website address for Coopers Store, and below this post are some of the keywords we are seeking to optimise for.  Coopers is a great business and if you live in Sydney visit one of their showrooms, or if you love great furniture – give them a ring and get something on a truck to where you are.

Coopers Main Keywords

  1. Timber Dining Room Tables
  2. Coffee Tables
  3. Dining Room Tables
  4. Dining Rooms Table
  5. Furniture Dining Room

When we first took on SEO work for Coopers Store - they did not rank in the top 100 listings in Google for any of their keywords.  Now we are proud to announce that in just one month – we have them in 15th (Page 2) for their main keyword, Timber Dining Room Tables.