What Exactly is an Asset?

I’m someone who has invested in property over the last 5 years and I have some rental properties.  I have always thought of my properties as being assets.  I would never have admitted this, but I would also have subconsiously seen my tenants to have been liabilities.  There are worries about how the tenants will treat the home and if the rent will be paid on time in full. 

How to Break Your Leg in One Easy Step

Cracked_fibulaWhile playing football with some Seniors at the High School on Thursday I broke my leg. The leg has two bones running down the inside, the Fibula and the Tibia. Well, I had a meeting with the concrete at full speed and my fibula was the weakest link.

As I lay in the sick bay (infirmary) at the High School I felt these strange feelings of immense gratitude and thanks to God all over me. I knew that what was happening to me was actually very good, and that God was going to use this whole experience in a very good way. Despite the pain I was feeling physically at the time, I must say I had a tremendous sense of well being in every other way.

Finally Got a Gideons Red Bible after 20 Years

Gideons as an organisation is made up of great Christian folks who hand out Bibles for free all around the world, and here in Australia too. They have these little tiny bibles in a variety of colours. When I was a grade 8 student I received a little red bible, but only a few years later I had no idea where it could be. I really wanted to get one again.

So they have little white ones for nurses, little green ones for the army, little gold ones for doctors, and little blue ones as a general colour for everyone.

God Knows Our Hearts

Over the years I’ve heard many Christians say “God knows my heart.”  Usually they say it after they make some kind of mistake and this saying is said as a kind of sentiment to reflect that “they meant well” so God won’t mind.  At times it has been used to excuse all sorts of terrible behaviour.

Anyway, I want to examine this phrase for just one moment and see exactly what the Bible has to say about “our hearts.” 

Going Going Gone - Sold for $2.50


Recently my son painted his first piece of artwork, and I was able to list it on eBay for him. It was purchased for $2.50 by a lady living in Cremorne in Victoria. Titus was very excited to have sold his painting. Also, postage was less than we estimated and so he also made an additional $1.80 there. All up he made $4.30. Not bad for a nine year old’s first attempt at painting.  Well done Titus.