The Confession of a Gay Boy

In a hypothetical situation, I am approached by a 11 year old Christian church attending boy who confesses to being gay, and that he fears he will go to hell as a result.  He doesn’t want anyone, especially not his family to know.  What would you do?

We have all heard that homosexuality is an abomination to God.  However, has anyone every done a search of the Bible to see what else is an abomination to God.  Most people don’t take the time to do that.  Here are a few things which the Bible says are an abomination to the Lord: (using King James Version)

The Opposite of Committment

Last week my good friend John Batley and I were talking about our faith, and our church fellowship in Mt Morgan.  John said that he had been thinking about Committment to the Lord and church, and wondering why so many believers didn’t seem to be committed.  He did a google search on the opposite of committment and found this page from wordhippo.  The opposite of committment is indifference.  Makes sense. 

Titus Alley - Famous Painter


My son Titus has declared to the family that he is going to be a famous painter one day. So he decided to actually paint something to that end. So here is his first painting not bad for a ten year old. If he actually becomes famous, this painting will be worth millions one day - but right now, we are selling it on
eBay with a starting bid of $2.50.

Book Review - Holy Community


This book (available at Amazon) is interesting because it takes a look at Pentecost in a whole new way. The book says that before 1901 when the whole tongues and "Pentecostal" movement got underway, people viewed the Baptism of the Spirit differently. They did actually believe in such a thing, and they believed that the results of it were increased holiness and increased ability to witness powerfully. Now it seems people just equate Pentecost and the Baptism of the Spirit with gifts.

How to Help At Risk Youth

“At Risk” youth are young people who are at risk of a variety of things. They risk perhaps facing dangerous circumstances posed by the family environment they are in, or circumstances out of their control. Or they risk missing out on opportunities for their life which normal people would receive or even expect.

Three ways we can help youth at risk are?

  1. Learn more about them
  2. Model it in my/our own life
  3. Manage difficult behaviours

Learn more about them

Book Review - Israeli Apartheid

Book_israeli_apartheidDo you remember many years ago in South Africa there was a lot of racial tension and separation between “whites” and “blacks.”  The South African people had a name for that – apartheid.  This basically means people kept apart and one group usually mistreated. 

We were all horrified that such a thing happened in South Africa and when Nelson Mandela was released from Robben Island, he came out of that jail after 27 years with no bitterness and was able to be used by God to bring healing to that whole nation.

The First Shall be Last and the Last Shall be Last

Not so long ago we tried to explain to our children about what Jesus said, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”  We decided to start rewarding proper behaviour.  So we would give out a special treat and if someone showed a little self restraint and selflessness in letting others go first, they would actually get to go first.  The children very quicly cottoned on and all started wanting to go last – so that in reality they could go first. 

In other words – they were still wanting to be first, but were getting it by trying to be last. 

Ferdi Miltenburg on Zambia

P1000076Last Friday night at church we had Ferdi Miltenburge, a carpenter who has been to Zambia a couple of times to help build clinics and repair “hospitals” and other mercy mission work.  Ferdi also challenged us all to realise that we are missionaries too.  We are missionaries right where we live. 

However in addition to that, we are also called by Christ to be workers for the sake of the gospel to the ends of the earth also.  That means we need to take a deliberate position and ask ourselves the when, where, how and what questions about our involvment in missions.  Ferdi showed footage of a maternity ward in Zambia – and I will post this footage soon in an additional post.  Ladies Beware… after seeing this footage you might want a home birth. 

Talent Night - That's Debateable

The Youth Group of our church in Rockhampton had a talent night last Saturday and a number of very entertaining items and presentations took place.  I did a Tiny Tim impersonation of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” with my ukelele.  It was greeted by more laughter and enthusiasm than was reflected by my “talent level.”  A good time was had by all. 


Goat Meets Great Dane

On the weekend we heard a great amount of barking coming from our yard.  When we went out to see – PRESTO – there was a goat.  My son promptly named it “Olivia.”  We have no idea where this goat came from, but it was super friendly and followed us around everywhere.  Just one small snag however – our dog had never seen a goat before and was fascinated.  He kept following “Olivia” around and for his trouble got head butted on the nose a couple of times.  Sadly, we were not able to keep “Olivia” and she has gone to the Pound.