How to Make a False Christian

500 Salvation Response SlipsAs well as being a chaplain, I’m a pastor too.  At home in my filing cabinet I have evangelistic response slips from a number of evangelistic events I have held in my home town of Mt Morgan.  Some of these slips are for kids actually in my schools.  Every single person on these slips has said the “sinner’s prayer” and been told by a well meaning believer that “You are now a Christian." 

The sad part is that not a single person out of those 500 slips actually attends any church.  I concluded recently that there is something wrong with the way most of us believers think about evangelism and the gospel. 


I’m guessing that you couldn’t help yourself, and somewhere you have clicked on an ad or a link that said “Do NOT Click This” or something similar. 

Curiosity can be a killer can’t it?

We all love to find out about the unknown.  A long long time ago someone was in a very similar situation – they just had to know what would happen if they did something they were told not to do. 

Mount Morgan Markets

Last year as you know we changed our church services to Friday nights. This is a much more relevant time to have church in today’s culture.  Who wants to wake up on a weekend morning and get dressed up for a meeting?  So anyway, it has left us free on Sunday mornings to do other things.  Most of the time we actually attend church in Rockhampton because we value the community of believers there and love being a part of them – and they really are community.

However last week I went to the Mt Morgan Markets and set up a stand to sell books, cds and give away some Christian dvds.  It is all in the name of the Lord.  I was pleasantly surpised to give away 15 dvds and to have many good conversations with the unchurched.  It was a good morning. 


Silent Movies Incorporating Live Entertainment - SMILE

Recently I did some webdesign work for a friend Ivan Richardson. Ivan is a a fabulous organist who has a business playing live accompaniment to silent movies. He is popular, good at what he does and his shows are entertaining.

Ivan compiles all His own scores and adds in sound effects to time in with the movies.  He plays to Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and others. 

Page Rank Calculator

Just for fun,  I enjoy reading about Search Engine Optimisation and doing a little tinkering with my site to see if I can improve it’s listing on Google and the like.  My site is new and since Christmas I have seen it go from Zero on Google pagerank to One.  I’m hoping to go to Two at the next update.  Here is my handy dandy chart that will help you calculate how to get the page rank you desire. 


This picture is free of copyright use – you may reproduce it, but only so long as you link to this site and acknowledge my authorship. 

Heroic Leadership - About Jesuits & Stuff

Heroic_leadership_bookWhen my son Xavier was born (named after St Francis Xavier) a friend lent me this book on Heroic Leadership (available at Amazon) in which Francis was outlined on several occasions as an illustration of a Heroic Leader.  I read the book more to learn about the historical person of Francis Xavier, however in doing so, have enjoyed this book and had my whole view of the Jesuits, Catholic Orders and similar things totally changed. 

As a follower of Christ having grown up in a Protestant environment we develop many ideas about Catholics.  Fortunately I was blessed to have attended a Catholic High School (Emmaus College) and was able to have realised what a blessing the Catholic System is.  However I had developed some ideas about the Jesuits from books I had read.  This book changed all of that for me and gave me a very high regard for the Jesuit Society.  I realise in fact that without the Jesuit Society (and similar Catholic Orders), the world today would not be what it is. 

Tourism Minister Hon Peter Lawlor Visits Us

Last Thursday, the Queensland Tourism Minister visited Mt Morgan to open the new section of the Dinosaur Caves.  Mt Morgan is blessed to have some large fireclay caverns made in the early 1900’s when they were mining the clay to make bricks for the smelters in the mine.  As the excavated they tunnelled under sandstone and many years later footprints were seen in the sandstone from the underneath. 

Mini Olympics


The Kids and I competed in a Mini Olympics at our place today.  It was designed to be a fair and even competition.  Proof of this is that our dog Captain actually won the discus event. (throwing a pot plant base)  A lot of fun was had by all, and the winning medals were mint patties wrapped in aluminium foil.  Well done to all who participated.

Kelly's Landing Fishing Trip

R0017868When we were kids our Dad used to take us to Corio Bay regularly and we always went to Fishing Creek.  Our friends used to go also, but always went to Kelly’s landing.  Last week for the first time in my life I got to fish from Kelly’s landing with my friend Darren Shepherd.

During the course of the day we caught ten fish between us, only one of them was big enough to keep, a Trevally. We did not stop getting bites all day, and it was a fun day out – hope to go again.