November 21, 2005: The Traveller's Gift:

Read a book today called The Traveller's Gift which was rather thought provoking. Its a fictional book about a guy who loses everything and tries to commit suicide but is somehow rescued and has a series of experiences which change him. He meets Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Chamberlain and even little Anne Frank from Holland in World War 2. His experiences change him and turn his life around.

How much does God love you?

As humans we are often prone to valuable am I? Does anyone care about me? If I was to die tonight, would anyone care? Sometimes we simply feel that we are unloved, unimportant and not at all significant in the grand scheme of things.

What a lie that is!!

The Bible lays out for us a very clear position of how God views you and what His attitude is towards you..............prepare for a surprise.

November 18, 2005: Van Nguyen Clemency Rejected:

An Australian citizen Van Nguyen who was guilty of smuggling heroin in Singapore has yesterday had an appeal for clemency rejected. Van Nguyen will be executed by hanging in a fortnight. His mother (and we feel for her) knows the exact time and moment that he will die. Most people know that one day they will die, but they don't know the exact time or place. Some people will live a long life, others may only have days or weeks remaining. Therefor there is an urgency upon us all to really be mindful of God and his desires for our lives.

January 2, 2005: A thought on God's thoughts:

There are people today who believe that the world is God's "ant colony" experiment, but nothing is actually further from the truth. God didn't just make the world and sit back to watch how it is turning out, instead God is very concerned and cares very much about every individual person. The Bible says in Psalms 139 that the thoughts of God about you is more than the grains of sand on the sea. It seems that God is always thinking about you. Don't forget that even if you feel unloved or unimportant, nothing could be furtherer from the truth.

January 8, 2005: God in the midst of tragedy:

As we see the news everyday and the horrific photos of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, it has the power to make us wonder what God has been up to. But then we remind ourselves that its not God's fault that these things occur, but actually it is our own fault. The Bible tells that in the beginning God made the world perfect, but it was man's sin that cursed the world. Since that time sickness, disease, death, predation, violence and natural disasters have become part of our existence on earth. But we do see God's love shown in that He has provided a place in Heaven for those who love Him.

January 18, 2005: A Mess In Our Lives:

We have seen on the television now for many weeks the horrific devastation left behind all around the edges of the Indian Ocean as a result of the Boxing Day Tsunami. Its amazing to watch the video footage and seem the power in the waves. In a similar way, many of our lives are a huge mess too as a result of the terrible power of sin. If you allow sin to have a place in your life it WILL make a mess, there is no doubt about that. However the worst aspect of sin is that is cuts us off from a relationship with God.

January 22, 2005: God's Hand Reaching Out to Tsunami Victims:

There are some people who have the idea that God doesn't love humanity and that recent tragedies like the Indian Ocean Tsunami are His fault. The Bible teaches us that these tragedies are the result of SIN, and not God's fault. In fact God Tsunami Victims near Channai in Tamil Naduwishes that no-one would perish and has provided forgiveness for sins for everyone who believes and calls out to Him.

February 16, 2005: Starting over with God:

There are times in our lives when we come to a brick wall. We can feel that we have exhausted all our options and that we have accomplished nothing. Or there are times when we have ignored God and tried to do things our own way, and that usually leads to frustration too. Finally there are times when we have thought we were living for God, but it still hasn't quite worked out either......there is still something wrong. The answer to all of these........start again with God. God knows our frailties, our struggles, our sins and also our rebellion.

February 22, 2005: The New "FORBIDDEN" Page:

In the last couple of days I have added a new page to the "gospel pages" section of this website. You can access it through this link, or you can also access it through the gospel pages page. This page is kind of interesting because it works on a negative feature of the human psychology.

March 1, 2005: Broadband Coming to Mt Morgan:

It is said that we might be getting Broadband connections in Mt Morgan soon. This is great news because it means I will be able to setup the webcam and start running a local server here in my office. I've had this marked down for several months and now it looks like it might be one step closer. If all goes well, we should get Broadband connected in the next 6 to 8 weeks which would be wonderful news. Don't forget to keep us in your prayers that things will go well and that I can afford to buy the new equipment we need to set it all up.