May 25, 2005: Christianese - That Funny Language:

Have you ever been stumped by some of unusual words and phrases that seem to be bandied around in churches or amongst believers of Jesus..........there's a fair chance you have because the lingo is unusual and spoken nowhere else in the world. Here's a little guide to Christianese which I recently found.

May 26, 2005: Baptism in Lake Placid:

The Tent of Promise is in Mt Morgan and we have been having a whale of a time. Yesterday we had half of the primary Lake Placid at Midnightschool go through and visit the Tent and many made decisions to follow Jesus. However the most interesting aspect of the day was a visit from some Israeli tourists, in particular Michael a Russian from Israel who has only recently become a Christian.

May 27, 2005, 1:45pm: Schapelle Corby - 20 years in Jail:

I sat with some good friends and watched the verdict in the trial case of Schapelle Corby today live on national Australian television from Indonesia. It was an emotional time because we all feel that she is innocent and its hard to know exactly who and what to believe. In the end, only God knows the full truth about the situation.

May 30, 2005: Renovation Rescue:

We also have plasterers in the Chalet (my childrens nickname for the flat we have on my folks property) and they are "impoving" my attempt at plasterering from several years ago. I used to work in the building industry for a company called Affordable Quality Homes, and became confident at most kinds of practical work, but plastering was something in which I defeinitely lacked the touch.

June 2, 2005: Shirley's Birthday Party:

A family friend Shirley had her birthday yesterday. It was a great time and we were able to go along. I'm not normally one for karaoke/sing along sort of stuff but I was able to sing "What a wonderful world" as made popular by Louis Armstrong. I even used a gravelly voice but the side effect was a sore throat. A fun time was had all in all.