June 4, 2005: How to Make Yourself Miserable in 1 Easy Step:

This is the subject of my latest email called "Throwing yourself in jail." Its all about the subject of forgiveness because when we are unable to forgive we are unwittingly making ourselves miserable. But when we forgive we are certainly letting the offender off the hook, but we are also letting go of our misery too. Its by far the best thing for us to do because not only does God ask us to do it, but we will be happier for obeying.

June 10, 2005: The Apostolic Summit:

Yesterday was a pretty busy day and so I wasn't able to get on the internet, but the sons retreat down at the beach concluded in spectacular style and last night we started the Apostolic Summit conference. I really feel that I cannot possibly hope to explain to you what God is saying here and how clear and important and life changing it is. It would be a bit like trying to drink all the water in a bath tub in one go.......I just couldn't do it.

June 11, 2005: The Apostolic Summit:

I attended all day today (Saturday) and have taken copious notes, but still feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of in between sessionsinformation. God is working in the earth in these days doing a new thing restoring apostles and prophets and changing christians to be like the early church. Its a huge subject........may I suggest you buy the tapes or cds from the conference.

June 17, 2005: The Show Comes to Town:

The Carnival came to Rockhampton this week and I took the kids along and we had a blast. Its been maybe 8 rocky show from the airyears since I've been to the show and so it was nice to enjoy it again. The kids had a turn on the giant slide, the jumping castles, they had rides on trains, cars, horses and the ferris wheel. (and I went on that too).