July 4, 2005: A Shed for $65:

We spent the day pulling down a shed today. 8 people helped and we had it down and Cheap Shedpacked onto a big trailer by about 3pm. This shed was actually a great bargain which we (my church) got for just $65. We hope to use it at the church in the future for storage and maybe even a small Sunday School. God has definitely been looking after us helping us to get such a cheap shed.

July 5, 2005: Time to Believe God:

During the prayer meeting at our church today we looked at our prayer goals for the year, and to be very honest, they don't look very realistic and without God's help they certainly would be very unlikely. We are praying that we will outgrow our small building and have too many people to fit in. So today we decided to believe God and not look at the human circumstances but to stretch our faith and see mighty things come to pass.

July 8, 2005: Backlash against Faith:

If you never step out in faith, nothing will ever happen. Since we started a few days ago to really test God and step out in faith, things have got worse. This is actually a sign that our prayers are working because it means the devil is resisting our prayer and if we persevere and breakthrough we will have the answer we are believing for. One of our brothers was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and another brother has come down with a mystery illness that the doctors have not been able to diagnose. He also had his pet dogs poisoned maliciously.

July 17, 2005: Sowing a Seed for the Future:

You may remember reading a few blogs ago about how we picked up a shed for just $65 and were going to use it as part of our church ministry in Mt Morgan. Anyway during the week the people in our church unanimously agreed to give our shed away to someone more needy than we are. We have a valued friend and brother who is living on his land in a tent and we have decided to bless him with our shed. He graciously accepted our offer. Although we don't have a shed now, the fact that we have given it away is like planting a seed that will turn into a plant and give us fruit later on.

July 18, 2005: Are House Churches OK?

Sometimes people wonder about those others who meet in homes.......is that real Christianity or just escapeism. Well, here is an article I wrote which shows that meeting in homes is certainly a valid form of our faith, however the motives behind it can determine if it is blessed or not. If someone does it for a good reason, they will certainly be blessed. However if someone does do it out of an escapeist motivation....that is, they just want to get away from God's people, then they will probably struggle.

July 31, 2005: Gideons Visits Mt Morgan:

Today we have the Gideon's Bible Society visit us in Mt Morgan. Firstly they went to our brothers and sisters at the Anglican Church because they have an early service, then they came and visited us. Gideons do a remarkable work all around the world handing out Bibles everywhere. You can find their Bible in motels, hospitals, airports, bus terminals, waiting rooms.......just about everywhere where you find people.