August 22, 2005: Do you need a Website or Web Application:

I'm in the process of starting a small business on the side building websites and web applications for people. If you need a website or application built, give me a ring on (614)29363811 or email me and I'd be pleased to give you a quote. If you'd like to see some of my previous work, click here.

August 29, 2005: Finally, Broadband is here:

Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa the telephone exchange in Mount Morgan is now enable for Broadband internet. I have put an application in for a broadband connection and that will take 15 days to process. I can't wait. Once the internet is here I can setup my own webcam in the church and also run a webserver for fun. The future has arrived. (except that now its the past).

November 13, 2005: Visit of Cell Group:

Today we were priveleged to have Tony & Carolyn & about 20 others visit us today for church and it was a great morning. We normally only get about 15-20 people (being a small town church) so we were doubled in size and our small but quaint building was full. The best part though is not filling up a building, but the warmth and love generated by people who care about each other. When these kind of events happen it builds community between Christian brothers and sisters and this is the whole reason why we are here.

November 13, 2005: Youth Camp a Success:

Over the weekend just gone I preached 4 times, 3 at a youth camp I was invited to attend. It wasn't your normal youth camp because we didn't actually camp, it was more of a conference. On the Friday night I preached on the point of no return and letting go of your life for God's sake. A large percentage of the youth present responded. On Saturday I continued this by talking about a tale of two men. Finally on Saturday night I spoke about why God is not angry with us because his love is so overwhelming and strong.

November 15, 2005: Making Vows With Yourself:

This is a particularly dangerous thing to do. Maybe you have said at times "I will never do that again." Or something like "I am never going to let that person do that to me again." This kind of thinking is called a vow and sometimes can be detrimental to your faith and walk with Jesus, especially if it is based upon something contrary to God's will. Usually people make these vows subconsiously (without realising it) after they have had a bad experience of some sort.