What Does Labor, the Liberals, the Nationals & the Greens Believe

If you are a Christian with what you consider to be biblical values, you might be surprised to see what our major political parties think. Courtesy of Australia Christian Values who have questioned all of the major parties, here is an Australian Christian Values Checklist.


The Dangers of Sunday School

It has been long known that people learn values by observation and osmosis, rather than by specific teaching. The education of values just helps them understand, but not to obtain those values.

Schools, sunday schools and other places have an important part to play in the education of children, but in terms of teaching children values, – this is mostly done in the home. 

We Miss You

Alley-familyDear Family and Friends in the USA

As you all know, recently we had a cute little bundle of joy - our baby, Xavier Patrick Alley. We would love to be able to show him off in person to all our loved ones back home in the States. We miss all of you very very much. It has been hard not being able to stop by with the family and chat about life and spend some quality time with you. We desire to come home so badly and share in this great milestone with everyone. It's been 18 months since we were there last and a lot of things have changed, and we are dying to see you all and looking forward to making a visit a reality.  Our aim is to stay for 6 to 8 weeks this time!!

The Dangers of Earned Money

Recently while listening to a financial author talk about money, he made the comment that he gives his children “pocket money” but they don’t earn that money. BUT, they do chores despite the fact that they earn money.

Many parents make the mistake of giving their children pocket money because they did chores and earned it. Subconsciously this reinforces the idea that they only work to earn money. So if the money was not there, they would not have to contribute and help the family out. This ideas runs opposite to how families are supposed to work and help each other.