Pay for Performance SEO Work - Rank First Pay Later

At Web Technology Queensland we are happy to work for you to rank your website, and then when your website does obtain a rank, we'll submit the invoice. Already a number of Australia businesses are taking us up on the offer and are seeing improved rankings already as a result, and they haven't even paid anything yet. You will only pay for performance.

Most SEO firms charge large amounts of money work work with no guaranteed return. Actually we don't guarantee a return either, but we just won't charge you for something if you don't get it. So our only guarantee is that you won't pay for something you don't get. If we do a bunch of work for you and it doesn't bring results, we'll you have saved your money.

On the other hand if our work does bring results, then you are paying for something which really is bringing you traffic - its not dead money because its a genuine investment in the future of your online business/website.

How Does Pay for Performance SEO Work?

Here is how Pay for Performance SEO works with us. We will initially do a quotation for the keyword or keywords that you wish to be ranked for. This quotation is based upon a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Which Search Engine/s is being targetted.
  • How much Competition a keyword has?
  • How Strong the Competition is.
  • How Many Links we Anticipate We will Have to Build
  • If we Can or Can't Modify your Pages/Website/URLs
  • Whether a business is targetting Local or Global Audiences
  • Other Factors.

Once we have determined a quoted price for a keyword we will submit the quote along with an approval to work form to our customer. If the customer is an Australian business and has approved work in writing, we will commence work. This work may take (depending on the keywords) from as little as 1 month through to 12 or more months to rank. Typically most local businesses will rank in less than 6 months. Once complete we will submit an invoice to our customer and our payment is backed up by the job contract and the evidence that the ranking has been achieved.

For International Customers we work a little differently. The pattern of quotation and approval to work is the same, however in addition we require the use of Escrow Services ( to guarantee our payment. This requires clients to pay a third party the cost of the quotation. This money is then held in trust until the work is complete. When it is complete, the client can then authorize Elance Australia to release the funds to us. In the case of International Customers - the guarantee of Pay for Performance still stands, however the funds need to be set aside with a trusted third party for the duration of the work process.

Over the last few months a number of customers have signed up to our unique Pay for Performance SEO services. In the last 3 weeks, the following new customers have signed up, you may visit their websites and contact them for their opinions and testimonial of the process I've just described.