Premature end of script headers: Drupal Error

After moving servers today one of my accounts stopped working. The other 90 odd websites were fine, but one just threw up a blank white page.

What to do??

First check the error logs to see what the reason is, and this is what the apache error logs told me. Premature end of script headers: index.php. Of course don't forget that there are lots of error logs and sometimes a few sets in a few place - make sure you check the right ones.

List of Payment Gateway Providers For Ubercart/Drupal

Today a customer of mine was looking to find a merchant for his website and we wanted to find one that already a payment gateway module for Ubercart inside of Drupal 6.  As I googled I was surprised not to see such a list already compiled. 

So here is just an initial list I have drawn from tonights research, if you know of other modules that I’m not aware of, please add to this list, or add in a comment so that other people can benefit from this.