Mass Update TTL Settings at Once Easily with WHM/Cpanel

Yesterday I moved servers and had to update the TTL settings on about 100 accounts on my server. There is no method for doing this with WHM/Cpanel but using the command line and ssh you can do this really easily in about 2 minutes... here is how.

Firstly If you are not familiar with the command line - make sure you have SSH turned on in your WHM settings. Then open a terminal (if using Linux) or download putty (if using Windows) and use these commands.

Move a Website as Webhost in WHM/Cpanel

A simple concise explanation - so much of the documentation seems convoluted that it's hard to understand.  If you are a webhost and you want to move a new account from another server, here are the easy instructions.

1. Backup the site from the original server and make a full copy.  Make sure to backup databases and email settings too

2. Install the full backups of everything on the new server so that a full copy exists.  

3.  Park a spare domain on top of the new copy and make sure it all works properly before the move takes place.