Churches are Full of the Sith - The Return of the Jedi.

To become a Jedi Knight (in the fictional movies Star Wars) a trainee, called a Padawan would go through up to 20 years of training to prove themselves. Being a Jedi was something that required intense dedication to the goal, but also to their Master. They were required to grow in knowledge, skill and character as all of these things contributed to becoming who they need to be as a knight.

On the other hand a Sith Knight was a similar being, also trained by a Master, however the difference being the approach in training and the outcome in the way they think and act. There was a difference in character. It takes much less time to learn bad character - none in fact. People are born with selfish character and desires.

In the movies by George Lucas, Anakin Skywalker begins training as a Padawan but becomes an apprenctic Sith Knight after rejecting some of the ideas he is being taught, in particular the concept of not being able to "love" - that is to be able to marry and have that kind of affection.

The Sith (the dark side of the force) encourages his rebellion and encourages anger as a source of motivation and he becomes a person with great skill and intelligence, but with questionable character and motivation.

Thus the most significant difference between his future potential Jedi self and his Sith self was his character and motivations. In other words it was what he wanted and how he went about getting it. In that scenario, the skills of light saber fighting were no different to Jedi or Sith, just the difference with the internal qualities.

So we come to faith in Christ - it seems that many people have knowledge about Jesus, they have skills in terms of service and doing things that look good, they may operate in spiritual skills (spiritual gifts) and be charistmatic. However many of these people who look like good people have "gone over to the dark side." They are motivated by things they should not be motivated by, and they go about trying to obtain these things in the wrong way. They are servants of Satan - they are Sith in the church.

An example (there are many possible examples) is the person who is motivated by getting the attention and praise of other people. So they do things in the church to serve because they want recognition. They are drawing others after themselves. It's a wrong motivation and even though it looks like they are doing good, they have gone over to the dark side.

What is needed in churches is the return of the Jedi. Actually the truth is that these people have been there all along, but there needs to be some place given to raise them up and allow them to be trained and prepared for service to Christ in a significant way.

The Jedi in Church are people who have come to learn how to serve Christ selflessly and are motivated by Christ's ideals and desires. They have given of themselves to a life of service even if it means not being able to have things they would have wanted themselves. However the Jedi in the Church have learned something, that while they are willing to deny themselves anything if Christ requires it, and sometimes He does, that they receive back more than they give in reward, acceptance and love from above.

This article is a call to believers to enter into training to be a knight for Christ, to serve, to conquer your ambitions, to surrender them to Him, to be willing to deny self and have your motivations moulded. You will have to "face the trials" but it will be for the glory of God.

Christ has placed in your life a Master - yes it is Him ultimately, however there is another Master that you will learn to serve as part of your training. It is your pastor, your leader or your spiritual father. Serve this person as a true son, like Timothy served Paul as a true son in the ministry. As you serve this person, you are serving Christ and you will learn from them and grow. Have in you the heart of a true son. Do for them what you would do for Christ and see where it takes you. You will go to the heart of God.


Good one Dad I REALLY liked it. Interesting way to explain it tho.

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