Queen Elizabeth II and the Lord Jesus Christ

Queen Elizabeth II and the Lord Jesus Christ

Queen Elizabeth II has been a rock of stability for the world for the last seven decades. When I lived as a child in Papua New Guinea she came in 1985 to commemorate 10 years of independance and I saw her. A memory I will never forget. Presidents and Prime ministers have come and gone, but she has remained. Her calm manner has been a source of confidence for many, living through World War 2, the cold war, the fall of communism, terrorist years and everything in between.

Can I suggest that the Queen’s faith is what gives her such confidence. And can I further suggest that it is in fact God himself which gives the world its stability. God knows we need stability and so He gives us people like Elizabeth of Windsor. She has been a gift of God to the 20th century, and rather than worrying about the future, we can rest assured that the same God is still there. God will provide other gifts.

The Queen may have reigned while 13 US President came and went, and while a multitude of other world leaders changed over, but God has reigned on His heavenly throne before the Queen, and will continue.

There is one rock of stability and it is none other than Christ.

Malachi 3:6 “I am the Lord, I do not change.”