The “until” Verses - Sometimes the most ordinary words carry a most extraordinary meaning, such as the word until in the Bible. In Matthew 1:25 we see it used concerning Mary, who did not consummate her marriage with Joseph “until” after Jesus was born. “But he did not consummate their marriage UNTIL she gave birth to a son. And... Read more »
The Number 1000 in Scripture - Source: Aaron Lee on Unsplash There’s something to know about the interesting number, one thousand in the Bible. In the Koine Greek language the word used is χιλιάς (kilias) which is where we get the word ‘kilo’ in English, as used in kilometre (a thousand metres) or kilogram. (a thousand grams)  And, in the Hebrew... Read more »
What the Bible says about the Effect of Humanity on the Environment. - Standing on the edge of Sydney’s Blue Mountains, it is easy to see that the world is pretty awesome, reminding us of the Creator and what he has done.  However, according to scripture the world we live in is a corrupted version of the original creation. When Adam sinned, it wasn’t a problem for him... Read more »
Is the World Just Beginning? - There are many perspectives that believers have on the timing of things that God does with the Earth.   In terms of when the world started, believers who take the creation story at face value (literal creationists) believe the world was created just six thousand years ago, so it is young.  But believers who take a... Read more »
Double Language in Scripture - The Bible is full of language that sounds clear, but turns out to have another meaning.  It’s straightforward once you know what the true meaning or meanings are, and we can recognize that the disciples were confused by this at times, but so often we ourselves get confused too, but often we don’t realise that... Read more »
New Space Images Support My Book - In 2019 I started writing “Flag on the Glacier,” a book-sized letter to atheists a thousand years in the future. One of my goals was to get the book published before the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The reason for that was simple, I had a feeling that the data coming back... Read more »
How The World Has Changed - In ancient times human life held little value. Indeed gladiatorial games were even held for entertainment in which people were killed for sport. There was no Emporer more depraved than Commodus when it came to the arena. If someone had suffered a cardiac arrest during a game – it would probably not have raised an... Read more »
The Seven Israels - Today as I write this, it is remembrance day.  104 years ago to the day, the guns stopped firing in World War 1, and nations laid down their weapons for peace.  While the peace didn’t last and was temporary, it reminds us of a peace that does last, and the gospel that brings us eternal... Read more »
Why the Date of the Book of Revelation is Important - It turns out that the dating of Revelation has a HUGE impact on the potential interpretation of it, and the behaviour of its readers, and even entire countries. If you believe that Revelation was written before 70AD, then it was written before the destruction of the second Jewish temple, and the destruction of Jerusalem. Knowing that, everytime... Read more »
Can the Dead Hear? - John chapter five contains an event where Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath and tells him to carry his matt and walk. In the minds of the Jewish leaders, this equated to working, a thing which was not supposed to be done on the Sabbath day. Jesus clearly saw it differently and considered healing... Read more »