Can You See God?

You don’t see God with your eyes, unless something very out of the ordinary happens. There are other ways of seeing Him.

God is a spirit (John 4:24) so he is “made” of spiritul ‘matter’ and not of atoms. Spiritual things are real, and in fact are the most real thing that there is. Basic philosophy informs us that somethign must have existed before atoms, or nothing could exist. This pre-existing ‘matter’ is the spiritual nature of everythign that undergirds all reality…. essentially God himself.

One question that atheists think stumps Christians is “who made God?” But in fact that question is the key to the proof that God exists. If God was a created entity, we would then ask the question again, who made that, and then who made that, and them who made that.

The “who made that” question could be asked an infinite number of times… but eventually you must come to a point where something existed that was not made, and was not physical. There must be a permanent and eternal spiritual entity or otherwise nothing would exist at all. And that is God.

So… because God is not made of physical matter the only way for him to be physically observed is for something supernatural to happen, he must ‘physicalize’ himself temporarily to be seen, or otherwise cause your physical senses to see non-physical things. Both are equally unusual, so an out of the ordinary event must happen.

However, God is seen in other ways, and many people have ‘seen’ God. There comes a moment in your awareness, that you recognize God is with you, or doing things in your life. While He isn’t physically observed, he is observed just the same – you have seen him. For me this first occurred as a four year old when I prayed to receive Christ into myself. I changed. He was real. I cannot eplain the experience, except that I saw God. Those without my experience can write it off with various excuses, but I have continued to see God regularly.

Pray for your eyes to be open in the manner I’m talking about. Visions do happen, and we cannot rule them out, but more likely is you will become aware of God’s reality.

Occasionally, someone only wants to prove that God doesn’t exist, so they pray a prayer like this deliberately not expecting anything to happen, and deliberately wanting (let us say believing) for nothing to happen. This is faith for nothing, and nothing is what they will get. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and they are confirmed in their doubt. They get what they want, which is to not know God. God is smart enough to know they don’t want anything to do with Him, so he will never been seen by them.